SGX is Quantiam’s next generation Super Gasification catalyst coating platform which targets anti-coking and energy-and-emissions reductions benefits for high severity ethylene production.  Our advanced catalysts target multiple coke gasification pathways for maximized amorphous coke reduction over and above that of the current best-in-class CAMOL™ coatings, all while remaining inert to formation of filamentous coke.


Best-in-Class Coke Gasification

Current generation CAMOL™ catalytic coatings rely on steam-based oxidation pathways to gasify coke to CO/CO2.

SGX multi-function catalysts boost amorphous (gas-phase)  coke gasification by enabling conversion of deposited carbon to methane using the abundant hydrogen in the cracking process stream, with or without the steam-based oxidation pathway.


Unique Catalysts

How It Works

Coke Gasification Targets Hydrogen Pathway

Designed from the ground up for today’s higher severity ethylene production. SGX outperforms CAMOL™ Gen1 and Gen2 (Medium Severity) by nearly 3X even in high severity applications by targeting both steam and hydrogen-based gasification pathways

Tunable Onset and Peak

Our unique catalyst design enables tunable temperatures for coke gasification to target optimum performance throughout the coil.


Targeted Field Performance

Highly Efficient

  • 10-12% reduced energy use and GHG emissions
  • 1 year energy payback time

Longer Runtimes

  • 5X to 7X longer runtimes in ethane
  • 2X to 3X longer runtimes in naphtha

CO2e Reduction

  • 17kT CO2 e/yr reduction per installation