Specialty Surfaces and Coated Products (SSCPs)

  • World-first coatings for higher severity petrochemical  furnaces.
  • We target applications that range from olefins manufacture through to bitumen upgrading.
  • We innovate. Our coated products to deliver exhibit best-in-class functionalities.
    • Surface inertness.
    • Intrinsic inertness (entire coating matrix).
    • Catalytic gasification of carbonaceous matter.
    • Non-oxidative gasification via hydrogen-to-methane.
    • Reliable coatings with world-first survivability at extreme temperatures, coke-make regimes, corrosive chemistries such as carburization, oxidation and sulfidation.
    • Piggable coatings for the Energy sector.

New Product Pipeline:

  • SGX [TRL 6/7]
  • i-1300HT, LTpc and LTdc [TRL6/7]
  • High Heat Transfer Tubes [TRL5/6]


Wear & Corrosion Coated Products

We develop best-in-class solutions for internal and external surfaces in severe wear and corrosion environments in:

  • Oil Sands
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Other high wear sectors

New Product Pipeline:

  • Q-Tough Tubular Coatings for Shale-Gas /Tight Oil Production tubing [TRL6/7].
  • Q-Tile extreme wear resistant tiles [TRL6/7].

Advanced Energy Materials

  • We Develop leading edge catalyst, coating and process technologies.
  • We enable the energy transition to electrofuels and clean energy.

New Product Pipeline:

  • Catalyst and electrode technologies for eHydrogen.
  • Catalyst and process technologies for eMethanol.
  • Upstream integration with low carbon power and captured CO2.
  • Downstream integration with existing chemical production to enable cost effective production of value added eFuels.