Hydrogen is an important energy carrier and is currently mainly produced from fossil fuels, resulting in close to 900Mt of CO2 emissions per year.

Water electrolysis is a mature technology that can produce low carbon intensity hydrogen from water and electricity. Quantiam’s alkaline water electrolysis (AWE) catalysts use earth abundant, supply chain risk-free materials.

Green eHydrogen is a carbon neutral solution that relies on renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Green Hydrogen is also a fundamental element in production of eFuels.







Unparalleled Catalyst Performance

Reduce Input Voltage Required

Quantiam’s catalysts reduce the energy input required to split water into Hydrogen and Oxygen to nearly the limit set by nature.

Increased Hydrogen Generation

Quantiam’s catalysts show minimal degradation with projected stack lifetimes of decades.


Ultra High Surface Area

Reduce Input Voltage Required

High surface area electrodes reduce local current requirements, which in turn reduces energy losses.

Increased Hydrogen Generation

More active area and reduced energy losses increase hydrogen outputs.


Custom Fit any Electrolyzer

Coat any electrode

Proprietary catalyst can be coated onto any electrode or electrode-membrane assembly. Easy installation into any electrolyzer stack.